These days, bands are encouraged to sound retro, derivative, or revivalist. IMOGENE strives instead for imagination and originality. The quartet is unique: a distorted 8-string bass (in lieu of a guitar) along with a 4-string bass, an electric piano/organ, and drums. But a novel approach to a four-piece rock ensemble is only as valid as the sound itself…

IMOGENE’s music is based in a groove-oriented rhythm section that supports a darker sort of melodic realm with complex harmonic layering. The results are heavy, deep, and moody, moving through and beyond categories like stoner, garage, progressive, and psychedelic rock. But the band also delves into mellower experiments. For those who prefer some namedropping, marriage characterizations like "Pink Sabbath," “Doorphine,” or "Radio Queens of the Stone Head" should suffice. A typical listener assessment of IMOGENE’s live and recorded sound is that it is both original and compelling.

Since the band's birth in September of 2003, Los Angeles-based IMOGENE has self-produced its debut album release, as well as three videos. IMOGENE has had songs placed in several TV shows (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, One Life to Live, Friday Night Lights), and the band’s promotional posters were featured on the set of The OC. The band has embarked on successful self-organized tours of the UK (Summer 2005), the U.S. (Summer 2006), the UK/Benelux (Fall 2006), and will be playing more shows and festivals this year, all while recording its next heavy album and a mellower acoustic album, due for a double-release this Fall.