Belgium album review (July 2007)
Proggnosis (

"...Imogene are unique...their music is groove-orientated, yet they sound heavy, deep and moody...if you like Psychedelic Progressive Stoner Rock, then you can buy this album blindfolded..."

Germany album review (May 2007)
Home of Rock (

"...Psychedelia with alternative, stoner, and neo-garage influences give a basic atmosphere reminiscent of a funky version of Morphine...songs such as 'Paper Dolls' or 'Happy Commuting' are downright hypnotic with their dark and psychedelic direction...making film scores would make a rather promising project for this band..."

Brazil album review (May 2007)
Progressive Rock Brazil (

"...Two bass players, one with tons of distortion and a singer from hell? They used to call it 'indie music,' but I think it's more like the new metal meeting the jazz players from the L.A. underground. 'Seraphim' would be an excellent terror movie song, while 'Dark Room' has an interesting pop idea that I really your mind and go into the madness of Imogene..."

UK album review (April 2007)
Lost Noise Magazine (

"A tie-die of retro keyboards and bass, Imogene has its own sense of reinvention of the rock quartet...complex musical sculptures...a maze of Hendrix, fuzz, and smoke..."

Spain album review (March 2007)
Santo Dealer News (

"This is an ideal album for the skeptics, the pessimists, and those who believe that everything that came before is better...dark shades that transmit emotion in a grand manner...Imogene is a one-way trip through a psychedelic tunnel...the love children of a marriage between Thom Yorke and Tommy Iommi...a degree of originality only the greatest can pull off."

Netherlands album review (February 2007)
Mega Media Magazine (

"They seem to have discovered the band in Belgium, and with good reason we think, because Imogene is a rare band with a very original sound..."

Belgium album review (February 2007)
Rock Tribune (

"...dark-tinted psychedelic rock in which some stoner and garage rock seep through...the 8-string bass of singer/bass player Melbye takes the lead. He plays his instrument like a guitar and gracefully uses the necessary effect pedals with it. The songs are of a very good quality, very calm and simple in structure with a lot of attention to harmony and melody...very enjoyable..."

Belgium album review (January 2007)
Prognose (

"...I hear The Doors, early Pink Floyd, a bit Queens of the Stone Age...early '70s style, very can hear lots of influences, still, it's a very unique sound from a very unique band!"

Belgium interview (January 2007)
Sounds Like (

"Heavy, cracking, squelchy bass lines, dreamy vocals, feathery Fender Rhodes jazz chords. It works wonderfully well..."

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
Live XS magazine (

" introverted, scary way of making music...You can feel the tension...a perfect nocturnal record for creating nightmares."

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
KindaMuzik (

"...enough to torment your sound system's ear-throbbing yet very funky foundation...the keyboards and dreamy, murmuring vocals ensure that the music stays accessible in a satisfying manner...a tasty album for the dark nights ahead..."

UK album review (December 2006)
Hard Rock House (

"...It's certainly difficult to pigeonhole Imogene...there's a lineage that takes you all the way back to the psychedelic overtones of The Doors and Pink Floyd...the combination of the eight and four stringers gives the songs a very different feel...definitely a recommended release and also an intriguing prospect if you can catch them live..."

US album review (December 2006)
Lollipop Magazine (

"These guys are from L.A., but must take trips to the desert...Imogene should be from a hippy commune, or the desert, or the mountains. Some place away from the hustle and bustle, a place where you can smoke up and jam with your friends, a place where the bass can rumble and shake the bong you left on the cabinet...perfect to nod to, in a beanbag chair, staring at the lava lamp..."

Belgium album review (December 2006)
Mindview Magazine (

"...pretty fantastic...a cross between old heroes like Pink Floyd and Booker T. and more modern acts like Morphine and Radiohead, a new genre is born: Stonerlounge! This 4-piece keeps us floating on a mix from jungle, R & B, and psychedelia...Imogene proves that you can chill out perfectly on rock music!!!"

Netherlands album review (December 2006)
Lords of Metal (

"...Imogene is deeply drowned in the druggy psychedelic era 1969-1972, and they developed these influences into slow, dreamy grooves and paced melodies...The band creates a relaxed, yet vaguely mysterious tension that's somewhere between Pink Floyd, Morphine, and '80s neo-psychedelia..."

Belgium Album review (November 2006)
Sounds Like (

"...a strange, psychedelic mood that conjures up an image of a smoky jazz bar around midnight...the gentle, hypnotizing voice of Melbye turns Imogene into an exceptional band...Hail Imogene, the new masters of psychedelic stoner-prog-jazz."

Netherlands album review (November 2006)
Planet Trash (

"...Imogene isn't your average rock band...a marriage between Tool and a funk band produced by Massive Attack - a really original sound that leans toward psychedelic...a beautiful relaxed album that is, in its own strange way, pretty heavy."

Belgium album review (November 2006)
Progressive Homestead (

"...a very attractive rhythmically-driven fuzz bass, and often some Fender Rhodes or other keyboards, which is a relatively simple but powerful foundation for the songs...the songs have a lightness, with a catchy, sunny rhythm - a combination which makes an attractive balance in the group's sound..."

US album review (October 2006)
Stoner Rock Reviews Forum (
"...a band that does it right...there's something magical about the sound that comes off of these guys' combined twelve strings...The bass tones cooked up are thick and fuzzy, and the interplay between them is superbly done. The vocals and keys also play off the bass grooves extremely effectively. These guys have melodies to spare, and often employ harmonies with the vocals that jump out at just the right times. The drum work is right in the pocket at all times. The ace production ties it all together into one great package."


US album review (August 2006)
Nightflying: The Entertainment Guide (
"Dark and moody music this is...most interesting."


US live review (August 2006)
Oklahoma City Gazette
"Imogene is proud of their instruments, and that confidence showed at their performance at the Opolis. Melbye played the 8-string bass in place of a lead guitar, plucking it more like a classical guitar than a lumbering 4-string bass...the warm timbre of the Fender Rhodes stood out and added to a sound that hailed back to psychedelic and proto-punk musicians of the '60s and '70s..."



UK album review (August 2006)
Terrascope (
"Offering dark and angular guitar shapes, Imogene have a fantastically messed-up sound on their self-titled album, which finds new ways of using familiar song structures...the rest of the album has a stoned groove running through it making for a highly enjoyable and coherent release."


US/Euro album review (August 2006)
Losing Today (
"...a heavy psychedelic haze of low-end stoner-fuzz grooves that could act as the soundtrack to a 1973 party where a bong (and possibly your Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd records) is the guest of honor. The group displays some serious musical chops throughout...a band that rocks in a unique way..."


US weekly live pick (July 2006)
Kaffeine Buzz (
"...soothing sounds of ethereal vocals...their sound commands attention while also playing as a canvas for serene fluidity...a delicate and dirty embrace of rhythm and rock."


US weekly live pick (July 2006)
Las Vegas Weekly (

"Shadowy electric piano rules this Los Angeles-based quintet's debut album, which fuses shoegazing spaciness and psychedelic-pop songwriting..."

US album review (June 2006)
Big Takeover Magazine, NYC (
"...heavy-groove, late '80s Manchester/Mondays stuff with harsh, intimidating, fuzzy guitar and trebly, mean bass, countered by nicer keyboards. Add some of the trippy acid casualty hangover of Kula with the trancy numbness of Floyd, Verve, and The Doors with early '70s organs (Rhodes, Wurlitzers, etc.), and Melbye's far-away vocals, and you have something worthwhile and unusual."



UK album review (May 2006)
The Overflow Radio Network (
(CD of the Week)
"Debut album from ultra-groovy alternative rockers Imogene. Plenty of emotion, shaken and stirred with various styles and rhythms... a new sound to be reckoned with!"



UK album review (February 2006)
Whisperin' and Hollerin' (
"...a complete pleasure from start to finish...the confluence of influences succeeds primarily as a result of the quality of the songs, coupled with the lithe and supple flow of the bands rhythm section...All 12 of the album's tracks are concise and accessible...IMOGENE have their own unique voice...Overall, there is a seemingly effortless but affecting warmth to IMOGENE's music that soon envelops the listener, creating a vibe that is both comforting and long-lasting well beyond the album's close. A genuine listening pleasure."



US album review (January 2006)
Exoduster (
"Imogene leave no doubt in your mind of their musical intent within the first thirty seconds...That intent is a heavy reliance on distorted bass and keyboards to drive the band to a quasi-stoner psychedelic experience."


US album review (November 2005)
Baby Sue (
"Imogene is a groovy band...melodic pop music infused with cool doses of R&B; and psychedelia. Instead of sounding like any one band in particular, the tunes on Imogene sound like a hybrid of hundreds of other artists. Ultimately, however, this band manages to create their own sound by channeling their energies toward one common make quality music."

US album review (November 2005)
Ear Candy Magazine (

"I have seven words for you: 'groovy, riffed-up, and tripped-out ride'...a unique vision and musicality that is very refreshing...This disc is chock-full of some great melodies. The fluttering Rhodes keys, the doubling-up of bass lines and solid simple beats are great...some of the most original stuff I've heard in quite a while...a wonderful disc to chill with if you're into having a fun psychedelic trip-out fest."

US album review (October 2005)
Tastes Like Chicken (

"Come on and get funky with Imogene! This CD is really groovy. It's really laid-back, but heavy enough to keep you interested. When you play this CD, sit in a room with shag carpet and turn on the lava lamps. GRADE: A

UK album review (August 2005)
Subba-Cultcha (
"...a drugged-up voyage into the depths of the unknown...The overall sound is dense, often leaving a pleasant dazed feeling after being fully embraced by the record..undoubtedly an ambitious debut...Imogene have the potential to create something glorious."



US album review (May 2005)
Clickspin (
"Imogene offers silky smooth retro-rock melodies and vocals with positive lyrics - a wonderful departure from many less hopeful contemporary bands. Production quality is superb, highlighting the refined vocal harmonies mirrored by excellent instrumental accents. Any selection on this 12-song CD could be a winner..."

US album review (February 2005)
The Phantom Tollbooth (

" experimental, psychedelic rock record with slight funk and R&B; influences, with breathy lead vocals and keyboards scattered liberally over crunchy guitars and groovy's worth keeping a tab on this band's development, especially if you enjoy psychedelic, alternative rock.'

UK album review (January 2005)
Dynamite Vision (

"Heavy groove psychedelic rock with some funk roots. Pink Floyd meets Funkadelic? Radiohead meets Queens of the Stone Age? Maybe, but we think they are cooler than that. Sophisticated but edgy, emotive and passionate. Awesome."

US EP/demo review (September 2004)
Aiding & Abetting (

"...Most bands wouldn't dare sound this strange, but Imogene makes it work..."